Sunday, May 27, 2012

CORE VALUES--The SOUL Of Who You Really Are

CORE VALUES are qualities that define your existence. They are the cornerstones around which life revolves. Values give a framework to your life. They give you things which you believe in and follow for the rest of your life. Values are important because they lend a modicum of meaning to your life and provide the guiding light to all of your activities. Indeed values are those intangible aspects of a person's personality, which although unseen, still continue to govern his actions and all that he does. And one of the core values, integrity, is prescribed to be one which you ought to follow for life.

Corporate Values and Personal Values

Corporate values and personal values are two things which can be different and similar at the same time. Corporate values are those values which the entire organization espouses. Often those values are forced upon the employees of the company by the owners, as they are the values of the owner and not necessarily those of the employee. But the need for corporate values is clear when you look at the bigger picture. If so many people with a different value system come together, wouldn't that lead to chaos? Hence at times, it is essential to have a standard value system for all.

Personal values are more close to a person's psyche because, well, they are his own. If values like integrity stem from within himself, then he will obviously be able to follow these values better than he would follow corporate values and integrity.

Achieving Integrity

Like I said before, core values are values which you ought to internalize and follow for the rest of your life, for they stand for what you believe in. Integrity, honesty, hard work, self-belief... the list could go on and on. But certainly, there are the values which are existence-defining and make you the person you are. Of course, you may choose the opposite, less cherished 'dark side' of dishonesty, cruelty and mannerliness, but then those aren't the right things to have.

What does integrity stand for? Integrity means keeping one's morality intact. A person who believes in being morally correct is said to have integrity.

So what does a person with integrity do? Is it about helping an old lady cross the road? Is it the voice of conscience which stops him before he picks up something that is not his? Is it about respecting his elders and taking care of those younger to him?

Well it is a mix of all these things. Integrity is being passionate about what you do. Integrity is being passionate about what you believe in. It is about being morally correct in all your endeavors. It is about following the rest of your core values and not wavering in doing so. It is about following what you believe in, which is morally correct.

Integrity, as you see is a very important value to possess in life. A man is judged a lot on his integrity to his family, his work and most of all, to himself.

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  1. In today's society, we have let another standard other than the Biblical standard of integrity prevail. One example is the car repair industry. Someone has written a book outlining the standards for charging for specific repairs i.e. The "standard time" it takes to remove and install a "starter" on a particular vehicle is __ hours. So that is how many hours the customer gets charged no matter how many actual hours the job took. This "standard" is set according to "average proficiency" of a trained mechanic at the major auto industry schools for mechanics. If this standard was used as a reference point, it would be more honest. Proverbs 11:1, Dishonest scales are an abomination to the Lord; but a just weight is His delight.